Supporting Complex Business Structures

1Staff alleviates manual processes and work-arounds for staffing agencies by:

  • Reducing manual handling of timesheets
  • Controlling all pay/bill rules
  • Delivering accurate and flexible invoicing and adjustments that scale to high volumes
  • Built-in Collections Management
  • Advanced margin analysis with mobility

Faster Processing of Data & Greater Accuracy in the Back Office

Our customers accelerate their growth by processing data more quickly and accurately:

“Putting 1Staff’s payroll and invoicing functionality directly in our Microsoft Dynamics GP accounting software means that our accounting staff will have minimal work reconciling between systems and will have the information they need to do their jobs without working in multiple systems. 1Staff makes our company more efficient and able to handle our growth in the medical staffing industry.”

Trevor Stumpf, CPA
Director, Accounting Systems, Parker Staffing Services


Improved Decision Making

Bullhorn/1Staff clients have substantially fewer manual reports and laborious data-related tasks. Decision-makers can make timely and informed decisions while reducing their reliance on finance to deliver reports.


Flexibility Enabling Business Growth

Staffing agencies looking to grow or experiencing growth, benefit from 1Staff’s scalability by:

  • Catering to changing client requirements
  • Automating processes, supporting front-office growth without requiring an increase in back office headcount
  • Being M&A ready – data from acquired systems are easily integrated

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