Recruiters spend a lot of time online searching for candidates on job and community boards and connecting with prospects on social networks. A lot of this activity and data never makes it back into Bullhorn. Knowledge is lost when staff leave, time is wasted on dead leads, and the quality of data available to your staff is compromised.



Ebsta dramatically increases the number of activities, notes, and records added to Bullhorn, and ensures that staff are always aware of existing knowledge in Bullhorn when looking at network profiles or resumes found on job boards.


Retain and Share More Knowledge Across Your Business

  • Ebsta alerts users to relevant records held in Bullhorn when looking at social network profiles, resumes on job boards, or emails in Outlook
  • Create client, contact, and candidate records from Outlook and any web page in two clicks
  • Edit Bullhorn records, add notes, create tasks, and add candidates to hotlists directly from social networks, job boards, company websites, or Outlook

Drive Bullhorn User Adoption and Activity Levels

“Business development calls have increased by 23% since implementing ebsta, due in large part to the ease with which consultants can create and update Bullhorn records.”

David Hayes, HireMinds

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