Timesheet and invoicing made easy. Save on back office processing costs by up to 70%. Automate and streamline your processes with the most feature-rich timesheet solution on the market. Fantastically cost-effective and user-friendly, ETZ makes an immense difference with Bullhorn clients.

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Platform: Bullhorn

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ETZ and Bullhorn

ETZ Technologies empowers the recruitment industry by providing cutting-edge technology solutions from timesheet management, to invoicing tools, and streamlining of back office processes. Located in the United Kingdom, Singapore and Australia, ETZ enables agencies to focus on their core competencyrecruitment. Your staff no longer needs to touch a single sheet of paper or make a calculation. And amazingly, ETZ requires no special software installation or complicated training. It’s all directly integrated with Bullhorn.

Take the Time Out of Timesheets

  • Timesheet input to invoice creation in 60 seconds
  • Completely automated – none of your staff need to touch a single piece of paper or make a single calculation
  • Complete online solution including fax back service for candidates with no computer access
  • Real-time gross margin reporting for better business planning
  • Speeds up cash flow
  • No more lost timesheets, expensive consumables and postage, or extra investment in hardware, software, or staff
  • Virtually eliminates errors due to transcription and calculation
  • Integrates directly with Bullhorn

Key ETZ Features

  • Accept timesheets in many different formats: online, paper, Excel or fax
  • Send reminders by email or text to log timesheets: No more chasing for timesheets. Click a button and a reminder text and email is sent to the candidate
  • Invoice creation: In just a few clicks, candidate timesheets are converted to client invoices
  • etzComply: Manage contract signing and HR compliance document management in the same system as timesheeets
  • Branded for your company: ETZ comes branded for your company, giving you a professional image and putting you a cut above your competitors

Why ETZ?

  • ETZ has over 400 global clients
  • Solely focused on creating the best timesheet software
  • This experience gives an in-depth understanding of timesheet software and the recruitment industry
  • Positive references from every single client
  • Deliver first-class customer support and service from a dedicated team
  • Software is amazingly user friendly and easy to use
  • Cost effective, with flexible and configurable solutions to meet your needs

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