FlashRecruit is a a Recruitment Chat Platform with one mission: eliminate all barriers between candidates and recruiters. Candidates and Recruiters crave a more effective way to start a conversation and FlashRecruit accomplishes that through a Recruitment Specific LiveChat Platform.

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Increase Talent Pool

3 out of 4 Candidates will not Apply to your jobs due to unanswered questions

  • Candidates and Recruiters expect immediacy
  • Informal chat engages candidates that would have otherwise left your content
  • Turn cold resumes into warm leads. Referrals are a top source due to the knowledge they have about your roles. We bridge that gap through LIVE chat.

Enable a Better Candidate Experience

  • Allow candidates to ask questions before formally applying
  • Allow candidates to engage on their time when they are looking for jobs
  • Instant feedback on next steps in process.
  • Non-committal way to learn more before dedicating more time

Modern Day Recruiting

  • Live chat has already taken over e-commerce, customers expect chat.
  • No cold-calling, emails, InMail, or other messages going unread.
  • Mobile optimized platform for recruiter and candidate experience
  • Live chat provides quick & effortless way to connect.
  • Create personal connection between recruiter and candidate in real-time.

Increase Recruiter Output

  • Communicate instantly with candidates looking at your job postings and all media.
  • Quickly screen and qualify candidates.
  • Schedule and move candidates through to next step in your process.
  • Gain access to new pool of candidates who don’t reply to phone calls or emails.

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