Mya Systems provides the leading conversational AI platform helping to transform the recruiting process by automating outreach and communications across the end-to-end candidate and employee lifecycle. The solution helps hiring teams scale their sourcing efforts, screen and shortlist large applicant pools, automate the scheduling process, and provide ongoing guidance to candidates. Mya leverages proprietary NLP and ML techniques to have open-ended and dynamic conversations, gather deep insights, and build trust and confidence with its users. Mya is highly configurable, can be embedded in the career site and application flow, and can be seamlessly integrated into Bullhorn's ATS and calendar systems.

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Automating engagement with your talent database


Mya automates outreach and communications with job candidates through a conversational experience initiated through Bullhorn. Mya engages with candidates through multiple channels, such as SMS, and can help your recruiters scale their communication efforts to their talent database with ease. The Mya platform makes it easy to reach out to candidates with a specific job in mind, or simply to keep them warm or refresh their talent profile in your database, and automatically schedules interested and qualified candidates, where applicable, to the recruiters' calendars.


Leverage your ATS for Diamonds in the Rough


The Mya platform makes it easy for recruiters to reach out to candidates with a specific job in mind, and automatically schedules interested and qualified candidates, where applicable, directly to the recruiters' calendars.

  • Significantly increase new hire conversion rates
  • Improve entire candidate experience from application to hire

Improve your Fill Rates & Speed with Automation


Accelerate communication and conversion across the end-to-end recruitment life cycle by capturing information and engaging applicants across multiple channels, including your career site, job boards and social media. Automate the initial qualification process for every candidate through a dynamic, open-ended conversational experience and schedule qualified, interested applicants to recruiter calendars.


Create Lasting Impact


"Before Mya, to reach out and connect with 1,000 passive candidates, it took us 10 full-time recruiters 5 full days. Mya delivered the same results in 11 minutes."

- VP of Recruiting Operations, Retail Business Solutions Provider

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