Get actionable end-to-end insights in your online recruitment

Combine the data of the whole online journey of your candidates with your ATS or CRM data.

OnRecruit will help you:

Understand how all your online sources are attributing to views, clicks, clicks on the apply button, applications, interviews, offers and hires.
Reverse engineer your recruitment efforts, based on your own data from the past. For example: by reverse engineering you know in what channels to invest, when to invest, and how much, in order to reach your goals, manage expectations, and set up a proper planning.
Monitor tailormade recruitment KPI’s based on actual data: know what drives your business and learn together with OnRecruit how to take action and improve your processes.

See the level of candidate engagement in Bullhorn

With OnRecruit, you can recognize in your Bullhorn ATS when a qualified candidate is ‘on the move’ and looking for new job opportunities. This means your recruiter can reach out to candidates that have a much higher probability of being placed. This means quicker and more effective recruitment. Enrich the data of candidates in Bullhorn with for example the other jobs they visited in your website before applying. Recognize what candidates from the past who are stored in Bullhorn are visiting your website again, so you can engage with them. Make it easier for recruiters to reach out to candidates, making them more productive.


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