Fast, online reference checks up to 10 times faster

Sending a reference check with Referoo takes 30 seconds – it’s that easy! Our dashboard allows you to track the progress of your reference checks in real time. On average, completing a reference check with Referoo can be up to 10 times faster than a manual process.

With Referoo, you’re not bound by business hours and can avoid your referees dodging your calls. Our reference checks work 24/7, in fact, our research shows that 45% of reference checks are completed out of business hours. With Referoo you’ll never miss a reference check.

Email, SMS, and phone reference checking options

Referoo provides the option of collecting your references via email, SMS or phone, so you can choose how to contact the referee in a way that best suits your needs.

Email is by far the most used platform, enabling you to receive reference checks 24/7. SMS is perfect for fast, mobile friendly reference checks. If you still like to complete phone references, we have you covered as well, enabling you to log your call and reference checks directly into Referoo.

Strong fraud detection capability

Our internal research shows that as many as 1 in 20 reference checks could be fraudulent. To help you avoid this scenario, Referoo provides market leading fraud detection capability. Our software enables you to spot fraudulent responses using a variety of technology, including IP matching and biometric identification, to ensure that your referee is who they say they are.

For clients in Australia and New Zealand requiring a higher level of protection, Referoo utilises Australia Post’s Digital iD™ technology, which allows our users to check the identification of referees against Australian ID documentation such as passports, licences, and Medicare cards to confirm their identity.

Candidate pool and business development module to generate revenue

Referoo provides technology that helps recruiters build their talent pool while also identifying new business opportunities. Our candidate pool technology allows recruiters to build a real time list of candidates from referees who are interested in hearing about opportunities with your organisation, automatically notifying you based on their opt-in response. The business development module ensures you never miss an opportunity, using our online reference check technology to prompt referees on whether they currently have opportunities available in their organisation and are interested in your business contacting them to discuss further.

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