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More and higher-quality matches and leads

The Virtual Sales Recruiter allows account managers and recruiters to find matches quickly and efficiently within their ATS system. This can be done both from within existing customer relationships, where they search for internal, suitable vacancies for their candidates. On the other hand, recruiters can also search externally, accessing the complete overview of all vacancies and target group data via Jobdigger Insights.

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Increased turnover thanks to smarter matching and high quality market data

The Virtual Sales Recruiter is an essential tool if you want to save time and generate more revenue. By saving time, you will generate more chances of conversions and matching opportunities you would otherwise never discover in your own Bullhorn database and external job and candidate databases.

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New market opportunities and more leads

Jobdigger’s job data also allows HR professionals to easily and automatically discover new sales opportunities and improve lead generation. Within Jobdigger, you can easily find organisations based on your search, such as within an industry or by specific location. Instantly view company analysis and use this information in your sales pitch to the company.

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Time savings of 14 %

The Virtual Sales Recruiter allows recruiters to do the same work faster, as digitalisation and automated matching take some of the work out of their hands. Manually checking vacancies and candidate profiles for matching selection criteria, such as skills in the first part of the matching process, is no longer necessary. In addition, you will have a quicker idea of how to approach candidates thanks to the target group data within Jobdigger Insights. Use the pull factors and most used career orientation channels to improve your recruitment processes. With the Virtual Sales Recruiter, you save between 10% and 14% time on your recruiters.

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