Bullhorn Strengthens Infrastructure to Power the Future of Cloud-Based CRM

Strategic Investments with Nimble Storage, Switch SUPERNAP, and Other Technologies Contribute to a More Intuitive and Engaging CRM Experience, and Measurable Gains in Customer Satisfaction

BOSTON, Mass., November 19, 2015Bullhorn®, the cloud-based CRM provider that puts powerful customer insights at users’ fingertips, today announced investments in its technical infrastructure that enable it to continue building a faster and more contemporary, mobile-first CRM solution. These investments have delivered benefits such as a 64 percent reduction in storage latency to provide a user experience that people expect from their CRM system, and that the future workforce will demand. As a result, the company has seen a measurable increase in customer satisfaction, experiencing a 30 point gain in its customer experience index in the past year.

Strengthening its technical infrastructure allows Bullhorn to continue delivering first-of-their-kind sales insights through features such as Bullhorn Pulse. Announced earlier this year, Pulse provides valuable, real-time sales intelligence at a glance – from the overall health of an organizational relationship, to details on who on your team has the longest history with a customer, or which client is most deeply engaged. It does this through Bullhorn’s patented email tracking system, which reduces the need for tedious data entry by automatically mining email communications and analyzing them in real time. As a result, Bullhorn can automatically present insightful sales intelligence that is always current.

“Yesterday’s CRM tools aren’t much more than databases connected to the Internet. They rely heavily on boxes of text that require tedious and continuous data entry from users – and the value they provide is only as good as the information that users remember or have time to enter,” said Matt Fischer, CTO of Bullhorn. “As they should, people are beginning to demand a fast, nimble and highly visual CRM experience that helps them do their job quicker – not something that adds to their daily tasks. Our mobile-first solution is designed for humans and how we work, and as we continue to make investments in the best technology available, we’re delivering a superior experience and will continue to stay ahead of the curve.”

Scaling Fast and Maintaining Performance

Bullhorn’s infrastructure is now comprised of a hybrid storage environment that uses both flash and traditional disk-based storage to balance costs and speed. With this new architecture, the company can ensure that it’s delivering the fastest user experience while lowering overhead costs and improving the overall value to its customers.

By implementing the Adaptive Flash platform from Nimble Storage, Bullhorn reduced disk usage by nearly 70 percent and tripled its available density. As a result, the company can easily scale the size and usage of its environment – which already handles 1.6 billion searches per month – while improving performance.

“The IT industry is in the midst of an architectural shift to flash-based storage that will optimize application workloads across the enterprise, while lowering costs, and increasing IT productivity to enable seamless scale and growth,” said Dan Leary, vice president, product, solutions and alliances, Nimble Storage. “By making these investments now, it’s clear that Bullhorn is serious about building an advanced and sophisticated infrastructure that will enable it to be more agile and responsive to its customers.”

Availability and Security

In addition to optimizing the speed and density of its storage infrastructure, Bullhorn’s implementation of the Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform is enabling it to enhance replication capabilities and move data faster between facilities. As a result, customers can rest assured that their data will be available in case of natural disaster or other emergency. These and other investments in strengthening Bullhorn’s infrastructure bring the company into compliance with standards for IT and cloud security such as SOC 2 and ISO 27001.

Bullhorn has also partnered with Switch and is now using the company’s SUPERNAP data centers which are certified by the Uptime Institute as the highest-ranking colocation data centers in the world and are maintained by the highest-rated Tier IV Gold mission critical operations teams. With more on-net, independent cloud providers than any other physical cloud gateway, SUPERNAP connects thousands of clients and providers from within the facility – including Bullhorn and many of the leading SaaS providers it partners with. Connecting directly to other organizations through SUPERNAP can further reduce latency and increase performance for many of Bullhorn’s strategic partnerships.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM solutions for companies in business services industries. Its data capture and customer insight technology puts the most up-to-date and powerful information at users’ fingertips to give them everything they need to win customers and keep them happy. Today, Bullhorn serves more than 10,000 clients and 350,000 users, and its software solutions are used by some of the world’s most prominent business services enterprises to help increase sales, improve service delivery, and streamline operations. Headquartered in Boston, the company has offices in St. Louis, London, and Sydney, with 500 employees globally. The company is founder-led and backed by Vista Equity Partners. To learn more, visit www.bullhorn.com or follow @Bullhorn on Twitter.


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