What is a VoIP Service and why should you use one?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables you to make phone calls using the internet instead of a normal phone line. By connecting phone services with your computer, integrated VoIP services also enable you to do the more important task of connecting phone services directly to your recruitment CRM..

Integrated VoIP providers have a wide range of varying features designed to improve productivity in recruitment and sales teams. Some of these standard features include click-to-call on any number, screen notifications of caller ID, and call tracking in your recruitment CRM. In addition, some systems have high productivity tools such as outbound power dialers, the ability to leave a pre-recorded voicemail, and having a local number show when calling to increase pickup rates.

Overall, VoIP solutions save time by automatically capturing call recordings, prompting note capture during calls, and creating automated call lists, allowing teams to make more quality calls each and every day.

Discover some of the top job board multi-posters for staffing today, and enable your team to better utilize their time engaging with clients and candidates instead of manually posting on job boards.



8×8 is a true unified cloud communications platform that helps businesses go faster and run in the Now. Sourcing the right talent means you need to remain engaged, flexible and agile. Speed up the screening of candidates using communication, video conferencing and collaboration tools. 8×8 will work with you on a future-ready communications solution.

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CloudCall has designed voice and messaging capabilities specifically for staffing and recruiting firms. No other vendor is as tightly integrated with your staffing provider to minimize clicks and capture more actionable data. Make more calls with click to dial and an integrated outbound dialer, send and store candidate SMS messages, view call recordings, and much more.

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Gamma is a rapidly growing, technology-based, provider of communications services to the UK business market. Gamma’s services are designed to meet the increasingly complex voice, data and mobility requirements of businesses, through the exploitation of its know-how and its own intellectual property.

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Ringover is an omni-channel communication platform with an industry-leading integration in Bullhorn. With the best and widest range of communication channels in the market, Ringover empowers recruiters to provide seamless candidate experiences, and ultimately achieve the very best client-talent fit. Calling, texting, video, conversational analysis, talent enablement, and integrations with WhatsApp, Slack, Teams, Instagram—and much more.

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TextUs is the world’s first real-time communication platform changing how businesses communicate with their contacts. With 10x the response rate of traditional communication, TextUs combines business-class text messaging™ with cloud voice features to connect with people in real time.

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Vonage Business allows you to streamline and enhance your outbound and inbound communications. Quickly find caller details, add notes, and make calls at the click of a button with the new Chrome plugin from Vonage Business.

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VXT, the cloud-based VoIP phone system built for Bullhorn. VXT syncs your Bullhorn contacts and displays info on incoming calls, enhancing candidate exp. Automatically save notes from calls and SMS against candidates, contacts and jobs, helping you save time, mitigate risk and win more placements.

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