3 ways to navigate uncertain markets with confidence

Whether you’re a founder, a head of operations, or a recruiter, this resource offers practical guidance and actionable insights to help you position your business (or your desk) for success in today’s rapidly evolving economic landscape.


Now is the time to take full inventory of your processes to see where there are gaps and where you can improve.

Where can you apply automations to connect with more candidates and scale your relationships?


Helping to hone and improve skills is crucial to keeping employees motivated and involved with company culture.

What are you doing to foster culture and connection within your business and externally?


Innovation can be as simple as developing an understanding of what a basic tech stack should look like for your firm, and identifying where you can streamline experiences.

What are you doing to innovate and maintain a competitive advantage?

If your market is in a slowdown, your competitors are slowing down even more. We need to be hitting the gas right now.
Tom Erb Staffing Industry Consultant, Speaker, Author and President, Tallann Resources, LLC
Realigning your process with the existing technology you have is still innovating. Creating a streamlined, frictionless experience is innovation in and of itself.
Lauren Jones_Engage LPleap-logo
Lauren Jones Founder, Leap Consulting Solutions
The future of the staffing industry is going to be built around innovation.
Maurice Fuller Founder of StaffingTec

How Bullhorn has lead LaSalle Network through changing market conditions for 20 years

LaSalle Network has been working with Bullhorn for over 20 years, through recessions, the .com bubble burst, and even current economic hardships. And through it all, Tom Gimbel, Founder and CEO, still believes that, “at the end of the day, you have multiple choices of who you use for your ATS or CRM. But for me, there’s Bullhorn and nobody else.”