How an Applicant Tracking System Can Help Your Firm Improve Its Candidate Experience

Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system is plainly instrumental for the improvement of staffing agencies’ candidate quality and placement rates. However, agencies aren’t the only beneficiaries of Bullhorn’s commitment to the creation of a superior applicant tracking system. The user experiences of candidates themselves are also greatly enhanced through the wide variety of features packed into Bullhorn’s ATS. The Bullhorn applicant tracking system gives recruiters exceptional pipeline visibility, as well as excellent candidate engagement tools and a highly usable interface for candidate interaction. An ATS is in many ways the face of your agency, so a positive user experience for both the recruiter and candidate can help define your employment brand.

For example, Bullhorn for Email, a crucial part of Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system, provides a significant boost to the user experience for both recruiters and candidates. This Gmail/Outlook-integrated feature allows recruiters to create new tasks and appointments from candidate emails and parse in resumes with just a few clicks. When this is combined with Bullhorn’s passive activity tracking, an automatic email tracker through which recruiters can view complete records of their candidate interactions and relationships, candidates can rest easy knowing that records of their exchanges with recruiters are both comprehensive and highly accessible within the Bullhorn applicant tracking system.

Bullhorn’s mobile recruiting software also greatly benefits both recruiters and candidates. This software allows recruiters to access a mobile version of Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system in order to view and edit candidate records, create notes, and access placement data. Important information can be inputted quickly and directly into the ATS via a mobile device in the immediate aftermath of meetings with candidates, so that candidate records can be as detailed as possible. Candidates benefit from this attentive approach to their records, as recruiters can be fully engaged with every facet of a candidate’s profile, allowing for the most appropriate placement opportunities to be given to each candidate.

The speed and level of detail offered by Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system are obvious advantages for recruiting agencies. But the candidates whose records populate your applicant tracking system can benefit just as much from this technology as do the recruiters who use it. With increased recruiting activity efficiency comes a greater amount and quality of opportunity for the candidates within your ATS. Candidates’ records are constantly updated and always available to recruiters through Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system so that candidates are highly visible to recruiters throughout the entire recruiting pipeline. This combination of accessibility and visibility allows for better and increased interaction between recruiters and candidates, leading to a smoother overall placement process for everyone involved.

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