Growing Together

On a recent trip to Hong Kong and Singapore, I had the chance to meet with a few of our users in the AsiaPac region. It is always nice to be able to speak with our clients around the world and a great reminder of how much Bullhorn has grown since we launched our international operation in the UK four years ago.
When we first set-up shop outside the US, it was just myself and a small team working from London. Many of our original UK clients were as small as we were, and needed a technology partner that could facilitate fast growth.
And as we expanded internationally, so did our clients, with many of our biggest UK customers now working throughout AsiaPac and the rest of the world.  With Bullhorn teams already in the United States and Europe, our growing office in Sydney, Australia, means we now provide time-zone specific ‘follow the sun’ 24/7 support to all of our clients with their true cloud Bullhorn software wherever they are in the world.
The expansion of our international operations is in large part due to continued investment in Bullhorn solutions which has seen fantastic growth in user numbers – Bullhorn Reach alone has over 250,000. These increased customer numbers were mirrored by a fantastic turnout at our first Bullhorn Live event outside of the US, which took place in London on October 30. Customers and partners from across Europe were in attendance to hear about the latest Bullhorn innovations and plans for the future.
Of course, in addition to the local support, international expansion is made easy for our clients by our true cloud SaaS system which remains perfect for establishing new offices quickly. True cloud solutions are ideal for rapid international growth as they require only a computer and internet connection. In addition, browser-accessible SaaS is just as secure and reliable as an in-house system (even more so in most cases) – but doesn’t come with the hassle of an IT setup. Unburdened by unnecessary installation, maintenance and updates, recruiters can simply get on with their jobs and develop businesses all over the world. It’s fantastic to see, and if I haven’t met you in person then I hope to catch up with you soon as I visit another Bullhorn city near you!

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