Implementing Brainstorm Ideas

There have been so many great ideas generated and discussed since Bullhorn Brainstorm launched. When you logged in just now, you may have at first thought you were at the wrong site! As we roll-out new features in Brainstorm, you’ll notice that a lot has changed. If you’re like me, you visit Brainstorm at least once or twice a week, and if you’ve just posted an idea, you may come back daily to check on the voting. I recently joined Bullhorn as a Product Manager and I visit Brainstorm on a daily basis. The site has already served as a great tool for me to use to know what’s being discussed by the Bullhorn community and which features are the most needed. I know going forward it will continue to be a great source of input into our development projects!

The first change you probably noticed is the look and feel of Brainstorm – the changes go deeper than the surface. That said, the improved UI is fantastic! Another key area that has been improved is the search functionality. Now, you can not only perform a basic search, but you can also opt to complete an advanced search that includes multiple terms. In addition, you can choose to search within a specific category! How much easier will that be to see if someone else has already posted your idea? Along those lines, when you go to enter in a new feature request and type in the title, Brainstorm will also suggest potential topic matches to help avoid duplicate entries. There are also additional improvements that will make it easier for Bullhorn to communicate with you about your postings.

We are so excited about these changes to Brainstorm! In addition to what has just been launched, we are also working through the postings to identify duplicates and flag those items that have already been implemented in Bullhorn. There will be more to come!

Keep Brainstorm-ing!

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Lisa Frank.

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