How Kyloe Partners Migrated Cherry Professionals to Bullhorn

Kyloe Partners Bullhorn Implementation


When Cherry Professional, a Finance, Office & HR Specialist Recruitment Firm in the East Midlands, England, moved to Bullhorn in 2017, their main challenge with their previous recruitment platform, Voyager, was the lack of features and flexibility. “Voyager didn’t give us anything back. It was simply used as a logging tool. There was data going in, but not really any way of using it as we couldn’t easily access or interpret it. We needed something that would work hard for us!” Sarah Gibson Project Manager at Cherry Professional said.

The barriers to making the most of their data were constricting Cherry’s growth, so finding a new solution was an obvious choice. Their key objectives were as follows:

  • Save time by automating processes
  • Drive adoption by keeping users in the CRM
  • Increase revenue through the provision of actionable data
  • Enable flexible, cloud-based, working

After a rigorous vetting process, Cherry chose Bullhorn as their new ATS. As part of this, Cherry selected Kyloe Partners to extract their existing data from Voyager and customize Bullhorn to meet their unique business needs.

The Kyloe Implementation

Project goals for Kyloe included:

  • Migrating all core Cherry data from Voyager Professional
  • Configuring Bullhorn for more efficient business processes and removing manual admin work
  • Increasing visibility into Cherry’s data and KPIs through improved Bullhorn reporting
  • Training end-users and handing over the system to the Cherry database manager

In partnership with Cherry and Bullhorn, Kyloe created a bespoke implementation project to meet the project goals. Kyloe provided a Project Manager, an Implementation Consultant (who also carried out the onsite training), and a Data Engineer.

Cherry and Kyloe identified which data was essential to keep, then collaboratively created a data map and lifted and shifted it. During the project, Kyloe moved 41,000 Candidates, 40,000 Contacts, and 200,000 Skills, Jobs, Placements. The contract was signed in February 2017, and Cherry went live in May 2017, on time, on budget and with a little fun along the way. According to Sarah, “Kyloe was absolutely invaluable in this process; we couldn’t have done it without them!”

Kyloe as a Consultant

In addition to highlighting relevant features, Kyloe can help you customize Bullhorn and bring your ATS wishlist to life. Don’t just do what you’ve always done as that defeats the point of moving! Make sure your wish list is informed by your users; talk to them regularly to stay on top of what is, and isn’t, working for them.

Any processes that your users say are taking too long need to be addressed. Nothing should take “too long” with a system like Bullhorn. Kyloe Apps are invaluable for saving time—AwesomeDocs has made document generation and compliance so much smoother and more than halved the amount of time this process takes for Cherry.

An ATS which contains useful and actionable data; hotlists and favorite searches can be used to manage data, and clients can be fed more relevant candidates giving a competitive edge and resulting in increased revenue. The more efficient workflow saves consultants invaluable time. In addition, website integration means that candidates can log in to keep their data fresh, making for a more accurate ATS, and freeing up consultants to focus on making placements.

Cherry has also implemented Cube19 and Icetrak texting. Working with partners means more customization and as a result, faster and further progression.

Kyloe’s Advice for any Implementation

You can never plan too much

As the old cliché states—what you get out is only as good as what you put in, so focus on data mapping (it’s the most important area and less is more in the long run) and accuracy. Particularly, how you are going to make sure it stays up to date.

Don’t rush

Take your time and test thoroughly before you go live. Get your configuration as close to perfect as possible before launching. It’s not going to be 100%, but for maximum impact on your users from day one, the closer the better!

Schedule training to avoid busy times

It may sound obvious, but it’s often overlooked; schedule training to avoid the busiest times of the month so you can get the most attention from your consultants. Without their full attention, you risk losing some of the initial excitement and buy in very quickly!


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