Top Cybersecurity Considerations for Staffing Firms


Running a staffing recruiting business means you have to juggle a million different responsibilities. With a never-ending to-do list and finite time, why should you prioritize the security of your business? As someone who runs an IT delivery organization AND a cybersecurity business, I have a unique perspective on the cybersecurity challenges that staffing firms face on a daily basis. 

There’s a lot of bad information out there surrounding cybersecurity. Separate the fact from fiction:

Myth 1: We have never been attacked, so our security is good enough

Security threats are constantly growing in complexity and sophistication and cyber attackers can lay dormant, undetected on an organization’s servers for months and even years before they act.

Myth 2: Security is well-managed by the IT department

IT should not be solely responsible for managing cybersecurity. A security incident can have significant and long-lasting effects on the entire business. It’s important for business leaders and the IT department to manage cybersecurity together.

Myth 3: We have invested in a high-end security tool

Security tools are only fully effective if they are correctly configured and appropriately monitored, maintained and integrated within a holistic cybersecurity program.  One tool cannot prevent all security threats.

So where do you begin, what do you do? Gather your team and answer the following questions to gain an understanding of what you need to protect and the steps you need to take to secure your organization’s data. 

The top 10 cybersecurity questions you need to answer about your staffing firm

How robust is your cybersecurity strategy? Are you prepared in a worst-case-scenario? Here are 10 questions you need to be able to answer about your cybersecurity initiatives. If you’re lacking any answers, you may be vulnerable in the case of a breach.

  1. Do we treat cybersecurity as a business or IT responsibility?
  2. Do our security goals align with our business priorities?
  3. How do we evaluate the effectiveness of our cybersecurity systems?
  4. What is our plan for responding to a security breach?
  5. What is our security policy and playbook?
  6. How are we educating and implementing security procedures to our end-user community?
  7. Do we regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our security? How often?
  8. Are we adequately insured?
  9. How are we being advised about implementing security best practices?
  10. What’s out worst-case scenario if there is a breach?

Contact Shambliss Security LLC to help you navigate the process and stay protected in the continuously evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats so that you can stay focused on your core business.

About Shambliss Security 

Shambliss Security is a provider of cybersecurity solutions. We offer a complete portfolio of strategic services to help clients define their security programs, identify risks, deploy the right technologies and ensure operational readiness to respond to threats and breaches. 

Our advanced research and extensive hands-on experience have enabled us to create a comprehensive set of security solutions that target the most pressing information security issues such as Enterprise Security Assessments, Breach Response, Incident Response, Penetration Testing, and Tabletop Exercises. Visit Shambliss Security here.

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