Healthcare staffing has seen explosive growth in recent years. But a worsening talent crisis and increasing competition have made delivering high quality care while supporting the health of your business difficult.

Firms rising to the challenge are maximizing efficiency throughout their workflows, nurturing provider and client relationships, and accelerating time to fill, all while increasing revenue.

What do they have in common? They’re powered by Bullhorn.

Turn daily difficulties into big opportunities

While a growing need to deliver essential care has fueled healthcare staffing, it doesn’t come without challenges. A tight talent market, shifting worker expectations, and growing competition mean that firms are looking to further operational efficiencies with the help of technology.

Webinar on Demand: Healthcare talent expectations for 2023 – and how to exceed them

We dove into the data from our talent survey and explored the solutions that can help you nurture healthcare provider relationships and grow your business.

The experience healthcare providers deserve

The growing talent shortage has put healthcare professionals in the driver’s seat. It’s increasingly important to provide a talent-centric experience with a personal touch that makes working with you easy and drives redeployment.

Streamline the compliance process, avoid provider dropout, and get them started faster by empowering providers to upload and manage credentials.

Ensure candidates aren’t slipping through the cracks by automating check-ins, leveraging an omnichannel engagement strategy, and simplifying the onboarding process.

Get the most out of your talent pool by delivering the right message at the right time to drive redeployment, build fruitful relationships, and win the race for talent.

The complete healthcare staffing solution, with the human touch

If you want to provide the best experience for your providers, staff, and clients, you need a solution that solves for the real-life challenges of healthcare staffing, from the intricacies of compliance to the challenges of provider onboarding.

Build loyal provider relationships

By offering providers the autonomy, responsiveness, and easy access to information that they expect throughout their assignment, you can grow loyalty and increase redeployment.

Accelerate time to fill and increase productivity

Put time back on your team’s calendar with a front office solution that eliminates inefficient workflows, reduces time to fill, and helps your team focus on essential client relationships.

Speed up credentialing and drive compliance

Slow credentialing hurts the experience of your providers, MSPs, and facilities as well as your bottom line. Empower providers to upload and manage their credentials to increase retention, generate revenue earlier, and reduce costs.

Maintain financial health by managing time and pay accurately and quickly

Don’t let slow and inaccurate payroll and invoicing processes endanger your business health, DSO, and cash flow. Improve your back office operations on a unified platform that supports the entire recruitment workflow.


Expertise across all healthcare staffing segments

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Per Diem

IDR Healthcare grows revenue and places more providers without increasing headcount

As IDR Healthcare experienced rapid growth, they needed to upgrade their technology infrastructure. They partnered with Bullhorn to elevate and future-proof their back office operations.

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200% increase in revenue

Bullhorn enables IDR to eliminate time-consuming processes and increase the accuracy of their back office operations, growing their revenue from $50 M to $150 M without increasing headcount.

Bullhorn runs every aspect of our healthcare organization literally from end to end, from the candidate application and submission process to job order management, compliance credentialing, time keeping, and billing. Bullhorn is the central hub that connects all our systems internally and externally.
Brandon Rogers COO, IDR Healthcare LLC
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Transform your healthcare staffing

Discover how Bullhorn Healthcare can solve your real-life challenges, from the intricacies of compliance to the challenges of clinician onboarding - all with the human touch.