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The Bullhorn Effect

Since we are still in the beginning of the year (and decade for that matter), it’s a good time to take a look at upcoming business trends and forecasts. Rosabeth Moss Kanter, professor at the Harvard Business School, recently shared… Read More

SUTA Debacle

A Bullhorn client, Neil Bernstein of All Medical Personnel in Florida, just sent me this article about Florida’s unemployment insurance crisis: Because the federal government extended unemployment benefits last year, many state unemployment insurance funds are headed for bankruptcy… Read More

The 2010 Bullhorn Lineup

2009 was a year of winnowing. And, what made it such a tough year was the fact that the prior four years were easy years of growth. Four years of wind at our backs had made us all soft. Even… Read More

Bullhorn Achieves Highest Level of SAS 70 Certification

Boston – December 15, 2009 – Bullhorn today announced it has achieved the most stringent form of SAS 70 certification, Type II, ensuring the company’s customers that the delivery of its software-as-a-service, staffing and recruiting front office solution conforms to… Read More

UK Offers a Look Ahead and Behind

I’ve just returned from the UK, where Bullhorn has built quite a buzz over the past year. The staffing and recruiting market was hit hard in the UK, just like it was here in the US. And things are starting… Read More

Bullhorn’s 10th Anniversary

Today is Bullhorn’s 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since November 19, 1999 when Barry Hinckley, Roger Colvin and I embarked on this amazing journey. We certainly had no crystal ball that would predict who or… Read More

Moving Up in a Downturn

Someone recently sent me a really good article from Harvard Business Review titled, “Moving up in Downturn”. Usually, HBR articles are pretty disconnected from the real business world. It’s as if they’re written for the sole purpose of helping management… Read More

Don’t Fret the Recession, Embrace It!

Now is the time. Let me repeat that. Now is the time! Now is the time to capitalize on a career changing moment. This truly is (and has been for months) your window of opportunity. How can I make such… Read More