That’s where the Bullhorn Marketplace comes into play!

Bullhorn’s extensible platform enables staffing companies to build a customized tech stack that powers their entire business. With so many technology providers in the staffing and recruiting space, you are able to create a completely tailored solution, unique to your business, that integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn.


The Bullhorn Marketplace gives you the chance to pick and choose the right technologies, exactly when you need them. More importantly, it gives you peace of mind in knowing that these technologies have been vetted by Bullhorn, have track records of customer success, will support the growth of your unique business, and can fit seamlessly into your existing Bullhorn workflow.

Check out how real Bullhorn customers are leveraging the Marketplace and the Bullhorn partner ecosystem to grow their staffing business. These examples are meant as inspiration and helpful information – every business will need to make the choices that are right for you.

The 'Resource 1' Tech Stack

Founded in 1982, Resource 1 is an established mid-sized Information Technology consulting firm that provides Staff Augmentation services to corporations across North America.

Their extensive experience in full life-cycle software development, systems level support/integration, and internal technical infrastructure positions Resource 1 to support multiple client initiatives as a single source provider of IT human capital.

We have been able to reduce the amount of administrative work for each producer while increasing transparency of operational data. We’ve built the company’s Software Oriented Architecture by directing all documentation into the ATS/CRM as the ‘single source of truth’, with as little human touch as possible. We have over 20 unique pieces of software in our Service Oriented Architecture. With Bullhorn acting as our single source of truth, it allows us to increase the productivity of each user for a larger ROI.
Anastasia Valentine President and Managing Partner, Resource 1

The 'Volt Workforce Solutions' Tech Stack

Volt Workforce Solutions is an Enterprise firm that provides contingent, direct placement, and RPO services across a variety of verticals, including engineering, administrative, IT, and commercial.

I’ve always been enamored with the Bullhorn Marketplace because it’s a staffing-centric ecosystem, which is what makes Bullhorn so effective in the staffing world and why we chose to continue expanding our partnership.
Lauren Jones Vice President, Talent Technology

The 'TalentLaunch' Tech Stack

TalentLaunch is a mid-sized, nationwide network of independently-operated staffing and recruitment firms.

Their firms are focused on meeting companies’ talent demands by leveraging best-in-class tools & resources to elevate the overall experience.

The Marketplace really shows the beauty of Bullhorn as a service. You get opportunities to integrate providers that plug in seamlessly to Bullhorn. It’s great to go to the Marketplace and see the pre-vetted partners and everything you can incorporate to ease your pain points. With so many options in staffing technology, it gives us a great place to start.
Sean Snyder, Jeff Staats TalentLaunch

The 'BridgeView IT' Tech Stack

For more than fourteen years, BridgeView IT has focused on providing top-flight technology staffing solutions to firms and companies across the US.

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, BridgeView IT has expanded to include a national network of clients.

We have used the automation function in Herefish by Bullhorn to scale processes with candidate, client, and consultant outreach. The ability to build in multiple triggers for an automation allows us to send impactful messages at the right time.
Tim Glennie CEO @ Bridgeview IT

The 'Motion Recruitment Partners' Tech Stack

Motion Recruitment and its network of agencies, Jobspring and Workbridge, provide IT Staffing Solutions (Contract, Contract-to-Hire, and Direct Hire) for mission-critical positions across North America.

They provide a consultative approach within their recruiting areas of expertise: Software, Mobile, Infrastructure, Data, Creative, and Functional.

We like to think of Bullhorn as our single pane of glass where recruiters access all of their information through Bullhorn and we constrain their view to optimize productivity and ensure they’re getting the most from our Bullhorn investment.
Bill Corwin Vice President, Information Technology, Motion Recruitment Partners

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