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 What is the Marketplace? Watch & Learn

Helpful Resources

The Bullhorn Marketplace is home to over 100 pre-integrated solutions that can help you to innovate and differentiate from your competition. These resources will teach you more about the Marketplace benefits, show you how to make the most of the Marketplace, and also give you examples of customers using the Marketplace to create truly unique tech stacks.

What is the Marketplace and How Do You Use It?

Partner Offer & Resources Hub
Explore all of the latest and greatest partner content, including upcoming webinars, ebooks, customer success stories, and special offers for Bullhorn customers.
Marketplace Partner Toolkit
Your one-stop shop for resources about how to start your partner journey, from how to evaluate to how to integrate.
Understanding the Bullhorn Marketplace
Find out how the Bullhorn Marketplace helps firms solve three essential problems pervading the staffing industry.
EngageX 2020: Marketplace Showdown
In this EngageX session, a variety of Marketplace partners presented how their solutions, combined with Bullhorn, can help drive your business strategies and increase your profitability.

How are Bullhorn Customers Using the Marketplace?

What's in Your Tech Stack?
(North America)
What's in Your Tech Stack?
(UK & Ireland)
What's in Your Tech Stack?

Developer Program

Our Developer Program includes innovative companies, startups, or new entrants to the staffing and recruitment industry who create integrated experiences for Bullhorn customers as they work towards Marketplace partnership.

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