Create a Phenomenal Candidate Experience

Personalize the candidate experience by delivering content and recommendations based on social media profiles and a candidate’s actions on the career site. Smart job search delivers results based on the candidate’s intent. Our Glassdoor integration provides user reviews, and it is easy to search and apply on any device.


Start Recruiting Like a Marketer

  • Real-time CRM with candidate information automatically updated
  • People detection captures leads before they apply
  • Tracking of actions performed by a lead, including: pages visited, time on a page, email opens, and clicks
  • Automated nurturing to stay in front of candidates
  • Candidate scoring to make it easier to pick out top candidates
  • Site Builder with drag and drop and on-page editing makes it easy to update your career site
  • Mobile Recruiter App for recruiters on the go

Remove the Guesswork from Talent Acquisition

  • Optimize spending by knowing the source of leads
  • Identify bottlenecks on your career site that are impacting conversion rates
  • View keywords used by candidates
  • Compare traffic by device type

Recruit Smart, Not Hard

  • Allow the prospect to recover abandoned job applications
  • Deploy intelligent bots to capture the prospect’s attention
  • Encourage employee referrals and internal mobility
  • Fill the communication gaps with automated emails

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